Welcome to the Global River Methane Database (GRiMeDB) web page. The purpose of this page is to provide resources to researchers interested in this database and willing to share data for incorporation into the next GRiMeDB update (estimated for 2025).

If you are interested in sharing data, please download the GRiMeDB data entry User’s Guide which explains the data entry process, and the data entry template, GRiMeDB_data_template.xls. In addition to these files, you can download Stanley et al. (2022), the paper which provides a detailed description of the database at

The current version of GRiMeDB is available from the Environmental Data Initiative:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us:

Global distribution of methane (CH4) observations in GRiMeDB, color coded for sites with concentration data only, flux data only, or both concentration and flux data. Top and right panels show, respectively, longitudinal and latitudinal patterns of the density of CH4 observations (grey bars) and the density of river area (blue bars). These bars have been aggregated at a 1 latitudinal or longitudinal degree and rescaled from 0 to 1 for this visualization. Map generated by G. Rocher-Ros, and is Figure 6 in Stanley et al. 2022.

GRiMeDB Data Entry Users Guide

GRiMeDB Data Template