People in Tug Juday Conf Room at Trout Lake Station during writing retreat in 2018



Alison Appling: Postdoc 2015-2016; Data Scientist, USGS Office of Water Information

Helen Baulch: Postdoc 2011; Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan

Sam Blackburn: MS. 2019; Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

Vince Butitta: PhD 2020

Nora Casson: Postdoc 2013-2014; Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg

Sarah Collins:  Postdoc 2016-2018; Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming Dept of Zoology & Physiology

Jessica Corman: Post doc 2015-2017; Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska

John Crawford: MS. 2012, PhD 2014; Water Resources Analyst at City of Northglenn, CO

Jacques Finlay: Postdoc 2000-2001; Professor, University of Minnesota

Kenneth ForshayMS 2003; US Environmental Protection Agency, Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Research

Ross Freeman: MS 2000; City of Mercer Island Sustainability and Communications Manager

Matt FullerMS 2009 (co-advised with Barbara Peckarsky);ORISE postdoc working at EPA Atlantic Ecology Division

Caroline Gottschalk Druschke: MS 2021; Professor Dept. of English, UW-Madison; Headwaters Lab

Ho Jeong Kang: Postdoc 1998-2000; Professor, Yonsei University

Luke Loken: PhD 2018; Hydrologist, USGS

Noah Lottig: PhD 2009; Research Scientist, NTL-LTER, UW-Madison, Trout Lake Station

Rob Mooney: PhD 2021; Postdoc, Dugan Lab, UW-Madison Center for Limnology

Samantha Oliver: PhD 2017; Hydrologist, USGS

Calin Orr: MS 2002, PhD 2005; Associate Director, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Abby Popp: MS 2005; Head of Customer Service,

Stephen Powers: MS 2008, PhD 2012; Assistant Professor, Baylor University

Adam Rexroade: MS 2022; PhD student, Research institute for Environment and Livelihoods at Charles Darwin University

Kristy Rogers: MS 2005; Manager, Security and Internal Controls at UW-Shared Services

Paul Schramm: MS 2018; Research Specialist, NTL-LTER, UW-Madison, Trout Lake Station

Jonathan West: MS 2001; Lake Monitoring Specialist at Oklahoma Water Resources

Karen WilsonPostdoc 2002; Assoc Research Professor, Dept of Environmental Science & Policy, University of Southern Maine

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